So, I was sitting in the movie theater, watching Julie & Julia and thinking to myself, “I can do that. Except I can’t cook.” It was in this moment that I decided my Julia Child would be God, and my recipes would be memoirs of thankfulness. You might say that Julie Powell’s project is my inspiration; you might say that it’s my source of plagiarism. And either way, you’d probably be right.

But more than anything else, this project is dedicated to making myself more thankful, which isn’t too difficult, since I’m hardly ever thankful. When fifteen things go right in a day for me, I focus on the two or three things that went wrong.

This is my attempt to change this thinking. Now, I’m not even going to try to count all the days in a semester, and I’m far too lazy to look up that number. But what I am trying to do is point out at least one thing, each day, that I am thankful for. And it is my hope that somewhere along the way, that you’d remember to be more thankful, too.


One response to “ABOUT

  1. what an extraordinary idea, JT. i hope it helps you, both in the short and long term. being thankful every day is difficult, as we tend to get stuck on the bad. i’ve never understood why that was, but i have thought about it a lot. and i, too, want to change that. i, for one, am thankful for blogging- as ridiculous as that sounds. i appreciate most things people have to say, and their willingness to share it publicly. also, to have that same opportunity at my fingertips is pretty amazing. i hope you are well on this Christmas break:)

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