…for pausing!

I like Christmas for very selfish reasons. It gives me something to talk about.

For instance, rather than pausing awkwardly while conversing with strangers or acquaintances, I have an instant go-to topic. “How was your Christmas?” “Are you ready for the new year?” And so on.

I tend to compare gifts, occasionally get religious (and remember what Christmas actually celebrates) if I’m in the right mood, and contact as many people as I am able to.

That part I enjoy the most.

I think it’s beautiful that a holiday so often characterized by consumerism (in that of food and gifts) can bring everyone together, if not for once a year. It’s a good thing to remember people. I tend to forget to do that, and I hate it.

But what are we to do once the holidays have passed? Convention dictates that we are to return to our lives as they were. And this is true. But there is some sort of vacuum in that, something frustrating. For me, it leads me to look towards the next holiday. The next big event. What does it make you look forward to?

Being creative is a difficult thing, because it requires me to think. And when I loose the cushion that distractions such as Christmas offer, I tend to feel anxious. Yet all too often in that anxiety I tend to overlook the peace from the passing of holidays. The release of moving forward with life.

So, I relished in that today. I did absolutely nothing for the first time since, well…I can’t really remember. I know that I have at least been in one place and out of the other since I have gotten off the plane.

If any of this makes sense, what I am trying to relate is how I am thankful for a true break. For a pause. For the moments after what we all look forward to in our lives, be it Christmas or some other anniversary.

Whenever I think of Christmas and Jesus and everything in-between, I feel guilty, as though I am supposed to be very religious. But then, I pause, and realize that Christmas is merely a reminder for how to live on the other three hundred and sixty-four days of the year. And that gives me peace. It gives me encouragement.

What are you thankful for today?


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