…for you!

Today, I am not thankful for anything directly related to me.

I know that this may, at least on the surface, sound unthankful. And maybe it is. I certainly hope that it isn’t. But one thing that has caught my attention this past month is my narrow view of thankfulness. Being thankful is a wonderful thing! It helps me focus not only on the not-so-wonderful happenings populating my days, but also on the blessings, both little and grandiose.

On the flip side of this mentality is what Psychology majors call “egocentrism”. It’s what I like to call “JT-centrism”. It’s where I live in a world that either caters or does not cater to my each and every need, where every event taking place is at least in some regard related to my person. It’s nice to think this way. It’s a bit of a ego-booster, if you ask me.

But thinking this way often leads me to boot others out the window. I think of my interactions with others as benefiting me either by their pleasantness, or the life lessons yielded from each conversation.

Which, this is all terribly silly. I do hope that it makes a bit of sense. It is for these reasons that today, I am not thankful for what impacts me, but rather, what has impacted you. For example, Kylie, my friend back home, just got recently engaged. If you’re reading this, Kylie, then congratulations! I’m happy for you.

From events such as opportunities to grow closer to God through struggle and confusion, to finally building up the kind of portfolio they hoped to have for life past college, I am thankful for my friends and their victories. I am thankful for their grief and for their joy, for the daily happenings that God is using to help them all “grow up”, if you will.

Today, these are the things I am thankful for. I am thankful for YOU! For the chance to know you, and for what is taking place in your lives. Think about what you’re thankful for today. And then, think about others, so that you don’t get all bound up in yourself as I myself do all too often.


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