…for monday!

As a rule, I generally hate Mondays.

Today certainly wasn’t an exception.

It’s funny, when I think of where I was one week ago. Seven days ago, I was sitting in the chapel, listening to countless people getting on stage confessing their sins, if you’d like to call them that. My school had a “spiritual revival” of sorts, last week. You wouldn’t know it now, but the people I make wisecracks towards in passing poured their hearts and deepest secrets out last Monday. That day caught the attention of the school, with people being dramatic, and talking until four in the morning. It was eerie, uncomfortable, and a bit beautiful. But this is besides the point.

I think just about everything went wrong today, that could have gone wrong. I was counted off for my absence from class last week, both unintentional and intentional, in the form of concert-going and spiritual revival-ing. Which, I wouldn’t trade those times for anything. I had a pop quiz that I failed, lost my papers for this presentation, ended up in a group project gone awry, and it was raining cats and dogs outside. Today was a very textbook Monday, in the sense that Mondays are nightmares.

Oh, it’s easy to whine. It’s easy to rant. It’s easy to be wrapped up in thoughts that are exclusive, purely personal, and nonsensical to the rest of the world. And I’m doing that somewhat, here. But what I am trying to say is that I found moments of beauty and wonder amidst the fifteen or so anxiety-inducing happenings. I randomly came across a student giving everyone candy. My teacher, who gave me the assignments with bad grades, patted me on the shoulder and wished me a better afternoon. The blueberry muffin I stole for breakfast was perfect. I lost my wallet, again, and someone pranked me by taking my backpack. But I got both back, today.

It’s incredibly easy for me to overlook the nice things that happen when I’m in a state of panic over the silliest things. Sometimes, it takes that panic, that degree of insanity for me to see how beautiful and strangely convenient the few, faint blessings that crop out throughout the day. And it is for this reason that I am, though a bit hesitantly so, thankful for terrible days. For Mondays. What are you thankful for today?


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