…for uncertainty!

I started out saying that I was thankful that today was uneventful, which is at least partially untrue. I think I’m going to try to be a little bit more honest than that, even if I’m still fibbing a bit.

Today, I am thankful for uncertainty.

I got a chance to have coffee with Andrew, an old friend of mine, except we didn’t have coffee. We each had had so much coffee by that point in the day that the both of us decided to each have a glass of water, which was a smart idea. Our kidneys thanked us for our decision.

We talked about lots of things. We talked about our summers and the way we wished things were. About life on campus. About being older. About the future. Everything in the past that we touched upon made so much sense in retrospect, as all things in retrospect appear.

Each of us had summers of disappointment. Andrew had an internship in youth ministry that was nothing like he thought it would be. It was a difficult experience that left him scratching his head instead of laying down the groundwork for what he thought to be a clearly paved career path. I, on the other hand, spent weeks looking for work, and was unable to find any, resorting to homemaking. Which is enlightening and wonderful, if not a bit emasculating and embarrassing.

I think it was conversation about the future that stirred us the most. I’m a junior, and he’s a senior. He’s trying to figure out what plan God has for his life, be it working close to school, working elsewhere, saving up for a few years, and so on. I am in the same boat, trying to figure out if a major in Psychology is the path that God wants me to follow, or if I simply took that episode of Frasier a bit too literally, believing myself able to someday be a counselor.

We took solace in our inability to see the future. It’s more than a bit exciting, and retrospect actually is more of a comforter than anything. Retrospect, especially in the past few summer months, has taught the both of us that in spite of how neither of us knew what the summer had in store for us, that God carefully orchestrated each step to teach us our respective lessons.

Andrew needed to learn that perhaps ministry was not the path he needed to take. He needed to realize that God is intending to have him live the Gospel in another fashion. In addition to learning everyday concepts such as cooking, vacuuming, and so forth, I learned how to love my dad all over again. Which was something that I needed to do after being gone away from home for so long.

It is for these lessons and these opportunities that I am thankful. What are you thankful for today?


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