…for naps!

Today, I am thankful for rest.

There are many things about God, if He is real, that drive me a bit crazy. Among these are His hatred of shrimp and pork. I do think that none takes the cake a bit more than the concept of rest. Apparently, God created, ahem, everything that we know and conceive and attempt to conceive in a mere six days. Or six figurative days, for all of you creationist debaters out there. And on the seventh day, from whence we draw our the concept of the week, He rests!

God takes a nap.

The concept of rest is something that I could simply do without. I am one of those individuals that wishes there were at least twenty-five hours in each twenty-four hour day. There are simply not enough moments in each rotation of the sun in the sky for me to converse with others and learn more about this difficult thing we call life. I think that if my body were not so insistent, that I would forgo sleep entirely and spend my days in coffee, conversation, literature, and writing.

Today, however, I decided to see what the big deal was. I decided that John should take a nap. So I closed my laptop, kicked off my sandals, and took off my glasses. I jumped in bed and shut my eyes, which wasn’t too difficult, considering that I had gone to bed at three in the morning. I woke up an hour ago, feeling more than slightly irresponsible, and yet, undeniably invigorated.

My head is clearer. I’m not going to lie and say that there is a newfound spring in my step, but I will tell you that words come easier to my mind when I talk to the people I pass. I procrastinate a little bit less. And work doesn’t seem quite so daunting. Strange, isn’t it, that the more time we “waste”, the more we are able to accomplish?

Perhaps we are all working a bit too much around the clock. How many of us that spend “hours upon hours” of work actually use every minute in these “hours”? I am guilty ten thousand times over of boasting about the hours I have spent writing, studying, and so forth, when in reality I have probably spent all of about forty-five minutes working.

And it is for all of these reasons that I am thankful today for rest. Thankful for a breather, for a moment to recollect my thoughts. What are you thankful for today?


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