…for freshmen!

Today, I am thankful for all of the freshmen on campus.

At first, I was a bit intimidated. I didn’t really want a thing to do with any of this year’s freshmen after passing them in the hallways. They all looked alike. If my year and the years before and after mine looked quirky, or like the rest of America, then this year’s crop of students are the stars of The O.C.

I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with this, if they were sociable, or knew words above that of a base-level grunt. With each utterance of “hello”, I get a “hrmm” with a slight nod. It doesn’t help that over half of the upper classmen have moved off campus, leaving me alone among a midst of freshmen.

It’s all really silly. I know that I’m not any better than them, or vice-versa. It’s just that I let myself believe that from time to time.

To top this all off, not only are they beautiful people, they are all tall people. And because I am not a tall person, everyone else that is taller than me tends to make me feel uncomfortable. And because I am a vain fellow, I don’t like to feel uncomfortable.

But I then I finally met them, and found that they speak with complete sentences. I also found that they are pleasant people who are adjusting to the school. Some are dazed with the new environment, while others are already prepping to become the student body president, in spite of the fact that school started on Tuesday.

So, I’m thankful for the freshmen on campus. It’s easy for me to dismiss people without giving them a chance. It’s easy to look down on others while ignoring how many people have given me and my awkwardness a chance. I’m thankful for freshmen. I’m thankful for chances. What are you thankful for today?


One response to “…for freshmen!

  1. Yay for you writing again! I kinda know how you feel there… I visited CCU recently and didn’t see more than 15 people I knew. It’s kinda weird, but it’s just another testament to how life is always gonna be changing, I suppose.

    Love the premise of this blog by the way. 🙂

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