…for imagination!

Hello, all.

I am here for a very simple reason. I’m just not thankful enough, honestly. Do you know how people often speak of thankfulness, and the importance of the concept? It’s a nice thing, as many nice things are. But nice things help us get through the day. Instead of focusing on the two or three things that go wrong, why not focus on the ten to fifteen things that go right? It’s something that I often talk about, but something that I rarely ever put into practice.

I intend, for the rest of this semester, to recall as many positive experiences as I possibly can. While I understand the potential vanity of this undertaking (and I apologize to all whom are bewildered for this), please note that I watched the movie Julie & Julia and read the book The Year of Living Biblically in the same month. Two different things about year long projects!

My relationship with God leaves much to be desired, I think. I long for closeness, for connectedness. Though I often think that some book or friendship will aid that greatly, I think that the answer might simply be in front of me. Perhaps, in thankfulness.

So, here I go.

Today, I am thankful for the imagination. I visited my dear friends James, Rachel, and Amy, and we all went to go play volleyball. Since we were without one, we played “imaginary volleyball”. I am thankful for friends and deep conversation. Finally, I am thankful for sleep, which is something that I fully intend to have shortly.

That’s it, for starters! It’s not much, but it’s hopefully a start of what will be a project that we leave me a different person. If you have time, please leave some thankful thoughts of your own. Thanks for stopping by!


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